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Sharing, Savoring: Gourmet Foods to Inspire & Reward

Sharing, Savoring

Gourmet Foods to Inspire & Reward

Gourmet treats from steak and seafood to succulent chocolates—and even entire meals—make an excellent reward, gift or incentive. Why? Because sitting down to a meal or a snack is a time for sharing a little conversation and savoring the fruits of your labor.

This is Personal: Targeting the Individual with Engagement

This is Personal

Targeting the Individual with Engagement

One-size-fits-all is rarely appropriate when it comes to engaging and motivating your targets, whether itís customers, employees, sales reps or partners. Learn simple strategies and suggestions to help tailor your program to reach the individual at a deeper level.

Ride the Waves of Economic Change

Make Motivation & Rewards a Top Priority

In a down economy, many seek to shrink their budgets and cut every expense possible. We talked to some experts to learn why turning your back on motivation at any time—but especially in a recession—is not a smart strategy. And we offer advice to help you gain buy-in from top to bottom.

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Mission Critical

Maintaining Engagement and Motivation

From Wall Street to Main Street, savvy businesspeople can be heard saying, "You canít cut your way to prosperity." This month, our IMA expert examines how this sage advice applies to employee incentive and rewards programs.

Wellness Rewards That Fit the Bill

Itís a new year, and that means all across the country, Americans have resolved to improve their health in one way or another. You can support their efforts by providing products in your program that help them cook healthier and exercise harder.

Awards That Keep on Giving

With so many Americans facing layoffs and shrinking budgets, it is becoming more common to skip out on luxury in favor of the piggy bank. You can take advantage of this trend by offering awards that continue to provide value over time.

Table of contents for JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2009 issue of Premium Incentive Products Magazine


Case in Point

MAX!-imum Recognition for MAX!-imum Effort

The Insider

Making the Switch from Cash